s/v Emerald Lady

   A Sailing Adventure

It started as a wild idea born from a frustrating day of a frustrating week of a frustrating month at my job.  Sail around the world, see all the great cities, fantastic buildings, monuments and art while also getting to live a life that was free of the politics, rabid competitiveness and, in some cases, the blatant greed the dominates so much of American business today

Nearly three years later we are living on our boat, traveling on a casual schedule to see those amazing things.  The price for this has been high by some measures but when I wonder why, I am reminded of two quotes:  "No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place" and "Everything will work out exactly the way it is supposed to".  Sometimes this means we go in directions and on paths that we never would have chosen but so far these two simple ideas have led us to some truly incredible experiences that never would have happened if we had "planned" them.

Follow with us as we continue our journey to explore new places and peoples and in the process maybe get a better understanding of ourselves



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